GSM18ANT - installation instructions?


We've got weak t-mobile reception in our location. We've been told to try the GSM18ANT antenna to enhance reception.  The antenna arrived, but didn't come with any instructions.

Can you provide any guidance on the best way to use this antenna?


Is it safe to put it outdoors?  Are all 18 feet of cable part of the antenna, or just intended to get it as high as possible?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide on using this.



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  • Hi Kathy,


    The full 18 feet of cable is the antenna. As far as mounting it goes, the higher you can get it the better the reception should be, so you will want it as high as possible. Also, make sure it is straight and not coiled up otherwise the signal will be impaired. As far as the outdoor mounting is concerned, you can mount the antenna outside, just make sure that it is protected, otherwise it may wear out faster since it is exposed to the elements. I hope this helps!

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