Procedures for changing battery in smoke detectors in my home?

Hi, for most of my smoke detectors in my home, I change the battery every six months.  For the 4 I have in my home for my account, I assume I should similarly change as often. 

First, Is changing them every six months the proper procedure?  Or is it sufficient to wait for the Simon XT to warn me that the battery is low? 

Second, if it is time to change the battery, what is the procedure? Do I contact the monitoring center to warn them so changing the battery does not set off the alarm at the central station, or is there a way to change the battery without setting off the alarm at the central monitoring station?  Thanks.

Jim P



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  • Hi,

    Thank you for contacting us. Your Simon XT will give you a low battery warning 2 weeks before the sensor goes totally dead. If you feel better changing them more often that is fine but your system will give you a pretty good warning time. As far as the procedure for changing the batteries it would be best to notify Central Station before doing so. That will ensure that there will not be a false alarm. All you have to do is call them and let them know what you are doing. Again thank you for contacting us and have a wonderful day.

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