what is the difference between sensor trouble condition and tamper?

what is the difference between sensor trouble condition and tamper? Under what condition does the monitoring center dispatch? What is the protocol?



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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Brinks Home Security. A tamper in a sense it a trouble condition. Here is the difference:

    A Trouble Condition is anything that is not running properly on the system. Some examples would be low battery, failures, malfunctions...ect.A tamper is the only trouble condition that will set off an alarm. The others will not.

    A Tamper is one of the trouble conditions. Most sensors have a safety built into them so that if they are opened when the system is armed they will set off the alarm. This protects them from being disabled by an intruder. So if the sensor is open it will give you a "tampered" trouble condition.

    The dispatch protocol for a Tamper Alarm is the same as a if a door was opened when the system was armed. When Central Station get the alarm they will try to contact you. If you do not answer they will dispatch the police.

    Again thank you for contacting Brinks Home Security and if you have any more questions please let me know,


    Dustin Schrader

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