Can GE Simon XTI work with a LiftMaster garage door opener?

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Can GE Simon XTI work with a LiftMaster garage door opener? To be more specific, can the Liftmaster be one of the sensors of GE Simon XTI? For example, if the garage door is opened, then LiftMaster Internet Gateway 
828LM can inform the home owner.  But, can we also set it up so that GE Simon XTI will know that? For another instance, we can locked down the garage door from the LiftMaster Internet Gateway.  Can GE Simon XTI also do that?








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  • Yen-Kuang,

    The lift master garage door opener integrates with the services, so it can be used with the Simon XT or Simon XTi systems. The service allow you to access the opener from a remote website but it doesnt really tie anything in with the alarm system itself.

    Here are a couple links on the integration:

    Link 1

    Link 2

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