What's the difference between Normal and Long Entry-Exit Delay and how/when are they used

I see there are two groups of delays you can set for Entry and Exit. There is the Normal Entry- Exit Delay and the Long Entry-Exit Delay.  When are they used or can you specify upon Exit or Entry which one you want. It is confusing and I can't find any information about it.



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  • Hi Monte,

    The difference between the "Normal" delay and the "Long' delay is that you can have certain door sensors be on the "Long" delay and the rest of your door sensors be on the "Normal" delay. Both delay types have the same time parameters though.


    Right now, all of your door sensors are programmed to be on the "Normal" delay. If you wanted to have a door sensor to be on the "Long" delay, you will have to go into programming mode and change the 'Group Number' for that particular door sensor from 10 to the number 12.

    To do this in programming, please see the following steps:

    1.) Press the 'Settings' icon and type in your Installer code (normally 2222)

    2.) Press on the 'Installation' icon

    3.) Press the 'Security Sensors' icon

    4.) Then on the next screen, press the 'Edit Sensor' icon and you will be taken to a screen with a list of all your sensors. You can then tap on the edit symbol for the door sensor in question.

    5.) On the Edit screen for that particular door sensor, you will have the 'Group' setting you can then change.


    Hope this helps!

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