I am receiving more frequent malfunction notices. What exactly does a malfunction mean? Do I need to replace the equipment? What are the causes?

I am receiving more frequent malfunction notices. I have read the explanation and causes of what triggers a malfunction notice. However, the system is just 2 months old and the areas have not changed in regards to having any device causing interference or any thing else for that matter.



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  • Rick,

    A malfunction specifically is the result of a sensor failing to return pings back to the main control unit. This can be caused by multiple events, such as a dead battery, too far of a distance from the panel, wireless interference etc. That being said, it may not be necessary to replace the equipment at all. Oftentimes, re-positioning or relocating the sensors is all it takes to get the sensor up and running again. 

    We will replace the sensors however if re-positioning the sensor and changing the batteries do not clear the malfunction. 

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

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