Wireless Smoke/Fire Detector for Amguard II System


 I have an existing wireless alarm system and need a replacement smoke/fire detector.  The system has a smoke detector interface that mounts next to any smoke detector, listens for the smoke alarm, and wirelessly transmits to the alarm console.  My smoke detector died and I had to replace it.  Modern smoke alarms have either voice announcements or T-3 alarms.  Neither of them will trigger the alarm system interface.  The only solution seems to be to use a smoke detector that has the wireless transmitter built in.

 I see that you have the Honeywell 5808W3 Photoelectric Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector (5806W2 wireless smoke detector, and 5800CO Wireless CO Detector).  I am hoping that those will be compatible with my existing system.

 I have an Amgard II alarm system.  It uses a lot of Honeywell parts.  The wireless transmitters have model CMC-135 (FCC Id CFS8DL CMC-135).  Since this is a relabeled Honeywell part, can you tell me if the wireless smoke (and CO) detector will work with my system?

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 Darryl J. Roberts
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  • Hello Darryl, 

    From what I can tell the AmGard II is a system that debuted in 1986 by Amway. Honeywell had a security division about that time and most likely had private labeled the equipment for them.

    However, sometime in the mid '90s, Honeywell security "fizzeled out" and re-entered the industry with the acquisition of Ademco in 2005-2006. The platform is entirely different vs their previous offering. 

    That being stated, I am doubtful that your system would be directly compatible with any Honeywell Security (Ademco) products today. 

    The current frequency that Honeywell is operating at is 315Mhz. Do you see a frequency on the current product that you have?

    Doing a quick search on Google for "FCC Id CFS8DL" brought up a document for a Honeywell/Ademco 5809 (see below). The FCC ID is a direct match. 


    It is worth a shot to see if the current products that we offer would be compatible with what you have. We have a "No Hassle" 30 day return period if you find that it does not work. 

    I hope you find this information helpful. 

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  • Thank you for your very informative response.

    I got the system in 1988.  So it matches what you suspected.  A few of the components (e.g., motion detector, dialer) are not even relabeled and actually have the Ademco brand, not Honeywell.  The motion detector is Ademco model no. z-2567 type 5650.  (It is now discontinued.)  The console looks very much like a 5621 (with a fourth double button on the left to turn on all lights).  I do not see a frequency listed in any place that I searched.

     When Honeywell has a security division in the '80s, was Ademco separate so that the Amguard II system is likely a rebranded Ademco system, not a rebranded Honeywell system?  Or did Honeywell security use Ademco parts?

     It seems that there was an Ademco 5600/5700 series in the '80s.  I also see 5800 series (such as the smoke/heat detector that I originally asked about).  Today there is the 6100 series.  Is the 5600/5700 series compatible with the newer series?

     It looks like there was an Ademco 5706 smoke detector/transmitter that was compatible with the 5631/5632 receiver.  A few of them are still available.  I am hesitant to get a smoke detector that was manufactured more than 20 years ago since they are supposed to be replaced every 10 years.  Is that recommendation only if they have been used for 10 years, that is, are they safe to use if still new and just old stock?

     Your suggestion to give the 5803W3 a shot and use your "no hassle" return if it is not compatible might be the best solution.

     If it is not compatible, looks like I will have to replace the entire system.  I could rewire new transmitters to the contacts/sensors, external siren, etc. that are in place.  The biggest challenge (besides the cost to replace most of the components) might be the dialer since it has a chip that is programmed for where to dial.  I see that you have a service to do that.  Is it something that I could do?

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  • That certainly makes more sense that your products were that of Ademco. In the '80s Ademco and Honeywell were not one and the same. It is safe to assume that your system is a private labeled Ademco unit. 

    The 5800 Series Wireless (current series) devices are not backwards compatible with the 5700 or 5600 series receivers. You may be able to find replacement parts that are 5600 or 5700 series on eBay or similar site. 

    Concerning the 20 year old smoke, I share your sentiments. They are to be replaced every 10 years. =]

    We do offer central station monitoring, in fact,  we offer the most competitive rates in the industry. I would encourage you to check out this video on our offering.  



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