Pre-Installation Setup on my DSC 8132 system



I have a monitoring activation appointment scheduled for 9/26, allowing me time to run additonal wires, install a wireless zone expander, install the TG-1 and verify everything is working before the appointment.  I am programiming the system, and would like to know if there is anyting I can program ahead of time to be better prepared for the applintment.  Ho

How about something in the communications section, like the primary phone number, dialing type, reporting type (Contact ID vs. the other type), reporting codes (and which ones do you recognize and handle), etc.


Any information provided now will save us both time during activation.








  • Hello Jerry, 


    Your question was answered in case #545. Let me know if you need anything else. 

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  • Yes.  I received your response and intend to program my system per your suggestion prior to the activation appointment.  Your help should save time during that appointment by allowing me to have my system closer to ready.  Thank you for your assistance, and for the rapid response.


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