Connecting TG-1 to DSC Main Pannel


I have an installation appointment in a few hours, so I am hoping to get this information in-time to have t4eh TG-1 all connected before the appointment.

My main pannel has 4 connections for teh communicator labeled Tip, Ring, T1 and R1.  The DSC documentation says to connect Tip and Ring to the incoming phone line, and t1 & R1 to the in-house line.  SInce I am using the TG-1 communicator, I believe I should use Tip and Ring on the DSC, and just ignore T1 & R1. 

But TG-1 manual, installation video and supplied Quick Start guide all fail to offer any detail on which connections to use on the TG-1 side.  It also has Tip, Ring, T1 and R1.  But should I use T1 & R1 or Tip and Ring to connect to the DSC pannel?






  • Jerry,

    You are correct on the panel connections, you will hook up green to TIP and red to RING and ignore the T1 and R1 terminals. On the TG-1 Express you are just going to plug into the RJ45 phone jack, if you have a phone cord currently connected to the panel, or an RJ45 cord in the box use that.

    Otherwise the easiest way to accomplish this is to take a regular phone cord, plug one end into the jack on the TG-1 Express (a regular phone cord will fit in the center of the jack), and strip the wires on the other end and connect them to the RING and TIP on the panel.

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  • I got your email and understand mostly, but I'm still not clear on the exact connections.  Which of the followoing do I need to connect?


    1. Tip on DSC to Tip on TG-1, and Ring on DSC to Ring on TG-1.


    2. Tip on DSC to T1 on TG-1, and Ring on DSC to R1 on TG-1.


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  • The TG-1 Express connects via an RJ45 phone jack, from which the red and green wires connect to TIP and RING on the panel. The connection to the TG-1 is a regular plug.

    The TG-1 Express should not have TIP, RING, T1, or R1 connections. It should have an RJ45 phone jack for the phone connection, and a terminal block with screws for STC, TRIP IN, GND, and DC, all you need to worry about on those is your red and black power wires on GND and DC.

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  • Hi Chris,


    Thaks for your responsive assistance.  IT was most helpful.

    Given the provided informaion, I was able to figure out by trial and error (first attempt, actually), but wanted to explain the problem I was having for the record, since I know others view these posts when experiencing issues.  I'm hopeful others will find it helpful when connecting the TG-1 to an alarm pannel using non-standard phone cables (I used an Ethernet patch cord since it had RJ45 connectors).

    I was not able to use the Red-Green colors because I did not have a standard phone cord (and none was suppoied). Instead,  I purchased an Ethernet CAT5 network patch cord with RJ45 connectors on both ends, then cut one end to strip the wires.  I pulgged the remaining RJ45 into the RJ45 jack on the TG-1.  Then I was left with standatd Eithernet color wires at the other end, not standard phone system colors at the other end (were the connector had been cut) for conneciton to my DSC chassis. 

    The DSC had screw terminals for T1, R2, Tip and Ring.  I knew from DSC pannel documentation I had to use the Ring and Tip connections on that end.  But I did not have a Red and Green wire to connect to them.  Instead, I had 4 twisted pairs, Orange on white with white on orange, blue on white with white on blue, brown on white with white on brown, and green on wite with white on green. 

    In looking at the RJ45 connector description in the TG-1 manual, it showed pin 1 to be R1, pin 4 to be Ring, Pin 5 to be Tip, and Pin 8 to be T1.  Pins 2 and 7 were for power (not used since I have a separate power cable), and pins 3 and 6 were unused (no connection).  I knew the blue on white wire connected to pin 4 (Ring for the TG-1), the white on blue wire connected to pin 5 (Tip on the TG-1), white on orange connected to pin 1 (R1 on the TG-1) and brown on white connected to pin 8 (T1 on the TG-1).  The information I needed was whether to connect Ring/TIp on the TG-1 to Ring/TIp on the DCS pannel (blue/white wires), or to connect R1/T1 on the TG-1 to Ring/Tip on the DSC pannel (white on oragne and brown on white wires).  I took a guess it should and tried Ring/Tip (pins 4 and 5, using blue/white wires) on the TG-1 and it worked.

    Thank you for being so responsive to help out.  The information you provided got me far enough to allow this final guess between two possibilities, and it worked.  Thank you.


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