Weak Cell Service - Simon XT


I have a Simon XT with Brinks Home Security with Tmobile providing cell coverage.  The max signal I can get at my location is 2 bars (despite the pre-sales rep checking the coverage and saying we should have strong signal).


I tried moving the panel to the highest location in the house, and have not been able to improve the signal.

One thought I had was to use AT&T's MicroCell to provide a strong cell signal.  This would require changing the SIM to AT&T.  How would I go about doing this?



  • Hi Kathy, 

    Regretfully our modules do not support the microcell units from any service provider at this time. Have you tried an extended antenna? We currently have an 18' antenna that will most certainly increase your coverage. I will have a team member contact you about your options. 



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  • Hi Joe,

    I just recently purchased the 18 foot antenna to solve the same sort of signal issue but there no installation instructions in the package.   Do I have to open up the unit and if so is there a place that describes the operation step by step ?     Thanks, 

    Frank Pri

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