unarmed status beeps and voice messages

During the install and programming effort of my new Concord 4 system yesterday, I was able to open a door and the touchpad would beep and the voice module would announce the name of the door that was opened.  Now, with the system unarmed, I can't get the touchpad nor the voice to do that.  When I hit the * key, the names of the open doors are listed, the touchpad beeps and the voice/phone module announces the status messages.   It seems everything else is working properly.

Is the system operating normally or do I have something programmed incorrectly?  The system is unarmed and no phone line is connected. 

My daughter has a Concord Express and that system beeps with an open door.  A friend has the Simon XT(?) and it announces open doors.  Those happen with the systems unarmed.


Thank you



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  • The simple answer is to press 7 + 1 on the touchpad to turn "chime" on and off.  That causes the voice messages and the beeps to be issued.

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