I have a Vista 20P with a 6160RF keypad hooked up, no sensors set up at this point (just getting started).  My question is, when I hook up my 6272CV it does not even light up, why not?  I have the wires twisted together with the 6160RF and this keypad lights up and shows the expected faults message.  Do I need to program the 6272CV into the panel before it will even power up?



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  • The 6272CV should power up even if its not enabled, the screen should light up when you power up the main control panel. So just confirm that the 4 wires for the 6272CV are landed on the same terminals as the 4 from the 6160 on the main control panel. Double check the connections and as long as everything is ok then you may have to replace the keypad. 

    Are the additional sensor connected to the panel and just not programmed? If you don't have anything else wired up then it should not be an issue of drawing to much power from the panel.

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