Simon 3 - How to see sensor on HWIN1

I have a GE Simon 3 that has been working just fine.
The outside garage man door wireless sensor (GE - Designline Recessed Door/Window Sensor - TX-1510-01-1), which is the same as all the other sensors, gets too cold and the battery goes low half way through winter.
I finally found a sensor and replaced it with a hardwired sensor 947-75 - Ademco Steel Door Contact I have only this sensor wired to HWIN1. I have a Radio Shack 47k-ohm resistor (271-1342) connected at the DCOut terminal. I have deleted Option # 97 (Off).
I have tested ohmage through the line at 47k ohm with resistor and 0 without resistor when the man door is closed and infinite when man door is open.
I cannot get the alarm to react to an opened door.
Is this sensor compatible with this system ?
Any other help ?



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  • Enroll the device in the panel. You will do this the same way as adding a wireless sensor but when it says "Press button on Sensor" you will simply open the door. If the device is not enrolled it will not function. 

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