Will the Simon XT accept a PIR in a group normally reserved for Window/Door sensors?

I want to set up my system for more than one zone.  Unfortunately, the Simon XT does not seem to support that.  I see a possible solution if I can assign PIR sensors to a group normally reserved for window/door sensors.  Can this be done?



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  • Mr. Cimmino,

    Thank you for visiting our help site. It is possible to set a motion sensor in groups normally used for Window/Door Sensors. If you do this you will need to keep in mind that when you arm the system for "Door & Windows" with motion sensors in groups 10 (normally used for Doors and Windows) they will be active. The motions in group 10 will go into an "Entry Delay" when they are tripped (some one walking through the area).

    When you arm the panel for "Motions" it sends a command to the panel to arm all sensors in group 17. As long as you keep this in mind you can put the motion sensors in group 10. (Note: you cannot arm for "Motions" by itself)

    We do not recommend this application even though theoretically it would work. Here is one reason of many why we don't recommend this:

    Lets say you arm the system for "Doors & Windows" which has your downstairs sensors on it. Then you go upstairs to bed. Someone in the house wakes up and decides to go downstairs and walks through a motion sensor. You will a False Alarm which could end up costing you if the police are dispatched and they charge a false arm fee.

    Since this is an application not supported by the manufacturer, we would not be able to offer support in this regard concerning troubleshooting and/or functionality.


    Dustin Schrader

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