Connecting a DSC RF5132-433 to a DSC PC1616

The instruction manual that came with the DSC RF5132 module says to disconnect all power to a DSC PC1616 main board before wiring it in. Does disconnecting the 12 volt battery do that? If not, how do I disconnect all power?

The instructions also say to enter the installer passcode at a later point. Is that the same as the master passcode? If not, what is the installer code?



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  • Hi Doug!

    There should be an AC transformer somewhere in the building that is plugged into a regular wall outlet. The other end connects to terminal 1 and 2 in on the control panel.



    Once you have unplugged the AC transformer, the disconnect the battery. Now all power is removed. 


    The Installer code is used to program all communicator and panel options. The Installer Code is [5555] at default.

    The Master code is enabled to operate on all partitions and can perform any keypad function. This code can beused to program all access codes, including the Supervisor Codes and Duress Codes. It cannot change communicator or zone programming. The Master Code is [1234] at default.

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