Connecting wiring of a 951WG recessed contact to existing system wiring in door frame

Hi, I'm looking to verify that I've correctly installed a recently received 3/8" recessed contact (SPDT magnetic, Part Number: 951WG) to my existing home wiring to a main home entry door which had received previous damage to the frame causing the previous contact (not sure if it was a 951WG) to be ripped out and not replaced when the frame was attempted to be repaired and door re installed...had to always program the system to bypass this particular door in order to ready the system.  Luckily there were two wires within the frame I was able to access later but neither were designated hi/lo nor was one noticeably copper and one silver so I'm not certain that I've connected the replacement contact correctly or it it doesn't matter.  Also I'm not sure if I was supposed to install a resistor in-line with this contact's wiring or not...not sure if it's the last sensor in the chain to this particular door.  My inside garage-to-house door is also wired in this circuit (I found this after connecting in the new contact and the garage door now registers on the control panel.  Also now both doors chime and deactivate the "ready" light and appear to work properly.  My main concern is that I should have a hi/lo connection and probably a resistor installed on the newly installed contact.  Any information/feedback is appreciated.  Thanks!  Terry



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  • Hi Terry, 

    I would assume you have you answer since you posted a while back but I am answering this for you (and community). 

    There is no polarity on these contacts so there is no wrong way to connect them as long as 1 wire is connected to 1 side of the contact and the other wire is connected to the other side. 


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