changing a sensor from "Alert" to Alarm

Hi All,

I have a few sensors that are "Alert" only - I am just notified when they activate but the system does not Alarm. How can I change this behavior if I desire? Say I have 1 door sensor that I want to change from an Alert only to trigger and alarm? Is this through the actual panel or through the account? Where do I find this?





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  • Ken,

    This is something that would have to be done from the alarm panel itself, In your particular situation since the alarm system you have is a SimonXT with Plug & Protect if you were to call in and ask a technician to change this then we can do it remotely from our end. You could also submit a support ticket through our Help Center and request us to do it. Of course if you would like to make these changes manually from the alarm panel then use this link from our Help Center and it will walk you through the programming for how to change a sensors group number.  For a door or window you would want to place the sensor in either group 10 or 13, the link above explains the difference between the two.

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