I am installing the GE XT version 1.4.

There is a sensor that is not showing up and system completely ignores sensor # 10.  The system skips from  9 to 11 and is not showing on the system. I have removed that sensor and attempted to relearn it and it would not allow, indicating it was already on the system. I returned it to the window but it continues to not show on the system. What can I do to get it to show up on the system as being installed?



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  • Hi Lee, 

    Are you getting the message "Error - Sensor Exists" when trying to enroll this device? If so, that means the device you are attempting to program has already been tripped into the system (some times this happens inadvertently when you are programming another device. We see this happens sometimes on motion detectors. If you are trying to program a device and someone walks in front of the motion or opens it up, the motion that was tripped will trigger the unit and learn in but you think you learned the correct device in). 

    To find out if this is the case, open your devices one at a time and press status. The system will tell you what device is tampered or open. This will help you properly identify Zone #10. 

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