How do I get the system I have to tell me when doors are open I would like the voice not the beep I cannot here the beeps to high pitch


  • Joe,

    Great question, its actually something pretty easy to do. On the Simon XTi system you you will need to get into programming so that we can access the necessary option.

    • First thing we will do is press the gear wheel icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, on the screen that comes up you will select chime on at the very bottom and the ''On'' icon will turn the tan color. Then press the down arrow once, make sure beep volume it up.
    • Next we will scroll down until you see ''Programming'' where you will press enter, 4321 then ok. In programming now we will select ''Siren options'' on the lower left side.
    • Select ''Voice chime'' which is probably set to off and set it to Voice chime. Once you have that done then hit save in the top right corner, then close twice and it will take you back out of programming.
    • Now you are ready to test it, open up a door or window and the system should announce its name, for additional tips and troubleshooting visit

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  • Is it possible to change the female voice to someone else? She is very hard to understand.

    Thank you for your valuable time.

    Charles Biretx

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  • Charles,

    Unfortunately you are not able to customize the voice on the Simon series panels, you can adjust the volume or for chime function you can change it to a standard beep or a soft tone chime.

    Have a great day!

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