SAW Motion Detector Placement

We have cats so we  are installing our SAW motion detector in a room where there is nothing for them to climb on/jump off of.    The sales person mentioned installing the sensor upside when I placed my order.   Do I need to do that?  At what height should I be installing the sensor?  Does the fact we have cats (who cannot do anything but really walk around the room or sit on an object less than a foot tall) affect what height the sensor should be installed at?

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  • Hello Mari,

    Thank you for contacting Brinks Home Security. If you are mounting the motions in a room were the cats will not have anything to climb on you do not need to mount them upside down. I will list how I would mount the motion detectors in your situation below.

    • Mounting them in a corner will give you the best coverage
    • Mount them between 7 and 8 feet in the air
    • You also will want to position them an a way that if an intruder walks into the room he will walk across the path of the motions and not directly towards them

    Having the cats in the room as long as they stay below 4 feet off the ground will not be a problem for the motion detectors. Again I want to thank you for contacting Brinks Home Security and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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