Location of magnet in relation to wireless contact.

I have a DSC pc1616 that I bought from you about 4 years ago along with WS4945 wireless window contacts.  I recently installed new windows and now the WS4945 do not fit and I need to find a totally different means of installing as the windows now have the screens on the inside rather than the outside which leaves no space between the glass and the screen. 

These are vinyl windows that in the base and top frames have a gap that you can see from the outside when you open the window.  I think I might be able to fit in some kind of wireless contact.  My current ones are too big but just a little bit too big. 

I did see the EVDW4975 on your website and it might work...I'll have to mock it up and maybe remove the magnet from the the old system and just silicone it to the window.

Where can the magnet be in relation to the sensor...only beside it?....also above the large flat front?....end to end with the sensor?

Before I go and by a bunch of these It would be nice to know that it will work.







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  • Hi Ed,

    Wireless sensors as a general rule require the magnet to be on the side of the sensor in a specific position in order for the sensor to properly read as closed. They can not be placed on the end of the sensor (or above the large flat front), there are little marking that have to be matched up on the sensor and on the magnet so they they function properly.

    I hope this helps you out, let us know if you need  anything else!

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