Simon XT Touch Screen Not Turning On

I detached my touchscreen to paint the wall where it was mounted and replace the batteries. I have replaced the batteries with new batteries and reconnected it to the power supply but nothing comes on. I tried using the reset button but it still has no life. I have tested the power supply (even though it's the same outlet it was already in) and it is working properly, I just can't get the touch screen to show any signs of life. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? The unit was working fine before I took it off the wall.




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  • Ryan,

    With the batteries in and ac power plugged in, when you press on the screen do you head any kind of ''clicking'' in response to it being touched? Also, do you have a blue light on the side of the screen indicating that is is receiving power?

    I would assume that the polarity of the batteries was double checked and the interior ac power connect was double checked to make sure everything is secure there.

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