Is it true that a cell phone signal jammer can cause my wireless system to not work?  (In other words, if a would be thief used one of those devices to gain entry).  If true, would a wired system be more reliable or would that just involve them cutting electricity wire?  Thank you. 



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  • Hi Vittorio,


      A cell phone jammer could potentially cause a cellular based alarm system to not transmit alarm signals, but a typical portable cell phone jammer would need to be close to the main panel where the cell communicator is installed in order to disrupt signals. The intruder would need to open a door or window first, which would set off the alarm and cause an alarm signal to be sent before the intruder could get close enough to the system to try to disrupt its signal.

      A phone line based system could very easily be defeated by cutting the incoming phone line outside the house.


    I hope this answers your question. Have a great weekend!



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