Door Sensor Sending False Alarms

I inherited a Simon XT system as part of a house purchase and enlisted Brinks Home Security to monitor the system. Recently my back door sensor has been sending false alarms when the system is armed. The senor is drilled into the door itself and, when removed, looks like a sensor on the end of a long battery. 

Is this a battery related issue? Is there something else I should be troubleshooting? I hate to keep paying for a monitoring system if I can't arm it without false alarms.




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  • Ryan,

    If its setting the alarm off then it sounds like the sensor is reporting to be open when it is actually closed. Alot of times this is caused due to interference (a sensor in or on a metal door), it may work fine for a while and then start to have trouble communicating through the interference.

    If its a wood door then I would definitely start by replacing the battery, they can have trouble communicating just before the battery actually gets low enough to start reporting as low.

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