I have Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolts. Are they compatible or is there plan to include compatability?

I currently have the deadbolts associated with the system.  However, the user codes do not transfer to the deadbolts.



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  • I asked this same question (for the most part) on the Home Depot site for the Schlage BE469NX (z-wave touch deadbolt) and a Schlage rep responded that codes cannot be programmed into the deadbolt over z-wave from a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch.  According to the manual, this must be done at the deadbolt's touchscreen directly.

    This was my big reason for not buying this product, in addition to my return of the non z-wave Schlage deadbolt I mistakenly purchased.

    The only method for remote management of user codes for the connect version deadbolt is to use their pay-service "Nexia Home Intelligence".

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