Simon XTI Z wave automation

Does the Simon XTI support any scene or chaining of zwave devices? Is there an interface to work with the Zwave network (through Brinks Home Security or

Or is the zwave usefulness really limited to control and not so much automation?





  • Hello Ken,


        Great question! With a cell communicator, the system supports Z Wave remote control and automation. Through the services you are able to setup a number of rules, triggers and schedules to automate your devices. Let us know if this is helpful! Thanks



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  • I added a Z-Wave light switch to my Simon XTI, I can turn the light on and off by going to Status & Settings, Lights. Should I see an icon for controlling the light on the main screen?

    Should I be able to control the light thru the mobile app?

    Should I be able to control the light thru my login?

    I can only control it from the Simon XTI Panel

    Thank you,

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