I recently installed a new IQsys alarm pannel

 I want to install and external Z type strobe and siren on this system. I do not have the APP in the setup menu for such, as shown on the IQsys home page.




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  • Hi Waverly,

    Thank you for your post concerning the Z-wave siren. Currently, there is a compatibility issue with all z-wave sirens and the IQ panel. At the time the IQ panel was being distributed/sold, we were not aware of an issue with Z-wave sirens. Once a few of the IQ systems were out in the field for public use, this Z-wave siren compatibility issue surfaced. The Qolysis manufacturing company confirmed that the IQ systems do not support Z-wave sirens at the moment but they are working on it and will have a fix for it in future software updates.


    You will be emailed directly by our company in regards to being sold this Z-wave siren so we can handle this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you.

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