Can I Associate Z-Wave Devices with the IQ Panel?

I have heard that it is possible to "associate" two z-wave devices so they will communicate with each other directly and not require the z-wave controller to be the go-between (thereby introducing delay and the necessity that the controller be operating for the two z-wave devices to work together).  I have the IQ Panel and want to have 2 switches (an Evolve LSM-15 and an LTM-5) associated so they make a 3-way switch for controlling a light.  I have read that some controllers can be used to do this, but they require the assistance of the Aeon Labs Minimote to do the actual association.

So my questions are (a) Does the IQ Panel support z-wave association? (b) If so, how is this done and must I purchase a Minimote to do it?




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    I believe the WallSwipe connects to an Aeotech Nano dimmer module, I assume that is already learned into the IQ Panel


    You would then have to go to your account and setup a rule to operate the Leviton and GoControl devices when you use the WallSwipe 

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  • Hi Peter,

    Yes, your IQ panel does support z-wave association and you will have to use Aeon Labs Minimote for the set up process. Here are the following steps to take once you have the Minimote:

    1) Pair both light switches with the IQ Panel 
    2) Pair the MiniMote with the IQ Panel: 
    3) Press the Associate Button on the MiniMote 
    4) Double tap the paddle on the Main light switch 
    5) Double tap the paddle on the Accessory light switch. They should now be Associated. 
    6) Delete the MiniMote from the IQ Panel 
    7) Clear/Reset the MiniMote before using it on another Network.





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  • Here's a more detailed explanation on how to allow a minimote to control devices associated with your IQ panel.  This procedure works fine on my Frontpoint system and should work with others that support the IQ panel.

    • Not all minimotes have the same switch labeling, but the functions are identical.
    • The Aeon Labs manual version has the top 4 buttons blank (or labelled 1-4) and the bottom 4 buttons labelled (clockwise from top left) as follows : Include (or Device+), Remove (or Device -), Learn (or Join), and Associate (or <blank>.  In my version (Model DSA03202W-ZWUS (908.42 MHz)), the top 4 buttons are labelled 1-2-3-4 and the bottom 4 buttons (again, clockwise from top left) are labelled + Device, - Device, Join, and <blank>.  So <blank> on mine corresponds to Associate and functions in that manner. All the other function labels are pretty much self-explanatory.
    • The minimote will NOT function as per the Aeon manual when it is included as a Secondary Controller (and is stated as such) in the IQ panel. But since your other Z-wave devices are already included in the IQ panel, you must go through a special procedure (described below) to get the minimote to function.
    • Reset the minimote by holding the BOTTOM TWO buttons (“Join” and “<blank>”) until the flashing LED sequence stops. This will start you from square 1, needed if the minimote has been used previously.
    • Put the IQ panel into the Settings/Advanced Settings/Home Control Devices/Add Device mode.
    • PAIR the minimote to the IQ panel by holding down the JOIN (or “Learn”) button and then release-the BLUE led on the minimote flashes. Then as soon after the the blue LED flashes as possible touch PAIR to include the minimote to the IQ panel- after a rapid series of led flashes it will pair as a LIGHT or perhaps “Other Device”.  Remember the ID or rename the minimote just paired (it will be deleted later) and ADD it into the panel.
    • Go around to the switches that you wish to ASSOCIATE with the minimote. Press and release the <blank> key (Associate) and then QUICKLY press the Z-wave button (or toggle the switch) on the device you wish to associate.  If you’re too slow then the RED led on the minimote may start to blink or turn on and you need to start sequence (7) over.  Continue with the remainder of the devices (up to 4).  The minimote will now recognize your Z-wave switches (and possibly other devices).
    • Once your switch(es) are ASSOCIATED, you must DELETE the minimote from the IQ panel in the usual manner from the ADVANCED SETTINGS (Home Control Devices/Delete Device) screen. You are now ready to assign the top 4 minimote buttons to various functions (usually ON/OFF or Dimming if the Z-wave device supports it).  Remember, you do need to remove the minimote from the panel before assigning control switches, the minimote will not control switches when included in the panel as a secondary controller.
    • To assign a button to a function:
      1. Go to a Z-wave device that has been associated with the minimote per above.
      2. Press and hold the desired button (1-4), until the blue LED flashes
      3. Quickly toggle the Z-wave device, the blue LED should be steady momentarily.
      4. Wait until the blue LED flashes again, THEN release the button you were holding.
      5. Test the device by pressing/holding/toggling the button you just programmed. It may take a few “toggles” for you to figure out how exactly the minimote controls Z-wave devices that support dimming.


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  • These are great instructions, but now 2 years old.  Is there an updated version for the IQ2 panel and Aeotec (Aeon Labs) WallSwipe switch?  I have two plugs controlling lamps on opposite sides of the same room (one Leviton, the other a GoControl).  I'd like to be able to turn them both on/off using the WallSwipe switch installed in a blank spot of a gang box at the entry to the room.  Is this possible and if so, how.



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