GE Wireless Garage Door Sensor with Simon XT


I have a Simon XT and I have configured 2 GE Wireless Garage Door sensor for it. I've tried it in various groups 10, 25, 40 but none of them notify if the door is open when trying to arm the alarm.  I know 25 and 40 are special chime only and 10 is a standard delay door sensor group but none of them seem to treat the sensor similarly to the other door sensors.

With any other door or window sensor, the system tells me that entry is open when I try to set the alarm but not with the Garage Door Sensor.  Having it provide this alert was the main reason I wanted them in the system.

How can I configure these sensors to notify me if the doors are open before arming the system?




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  • Christine, 

    For garage door sensors, you will want to use group 10 just like any other door sensor. If you have it programmed in this group, and it is opened but not protesting when you go to arm the system, then the system may not be recognizing that the garage door is opened at all. We would need to check on the installation of the sensor itself. 

    Here is a short video on how to set up the GE Wireless Garage Door sensors:

    This video uses an older model of the garage door sensor, however it is the same concept, except instead of the arrow being at the bottom, the four lines will be on the bottom.

    If your installation is correctly done, then we may be looking at a communication error between the sensors and the panel itself. Oftentimes, in garages there is a lot of metal which can interfere with the wireless frequency between sensor and panel. You may need to re-position the sensor, or relocate the panel to get the best path of communication. 

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