Conflicting information regarding Tuxedo Touch being a graphical alpha keypad

So my installer is telling me that the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch w/WiFi and TC2.0 is not a fully capable alpha keypad for fully programming my Vista 21IP alarm panel.  He demonstrated this to me by showing me how a wireless door sensor wasn't showing up on the Tuxedo in Installer Programming mode when the Tuxedo was connected to the alarm panel.

However, several other websites list the Tuxedo Touch as being fully capable as an alpha keypad (identical in capability to the 6160) when the alarm panel has the default address of 1-2 for AUI devices.


Can someone please confirm or deny this so that I can make a decision whether or not to return the 6160 I purchased per his insistence?



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  • *Update, returned the 6160 after finding that the AUI addressing had not been assigned yet.  Now that it is enabled, the Tuxedo is fully capable of programming the Vista21IP.

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