How to program additional key fobs.

Attempted (multiple times) to program 2 new key fob sensors to group 1.  Using panel keypad, went to  'programming', 'learn sensor', received screen message 'trip sensor 7(blinking).  Holding the new key fob I pressed (at the same time) the top key fob buttons for at least 2 seconds, the fob red light appears. I expected the panel to 'read' the key fob sensor with an 'beep' and no 'beep' occurs. They fob us unable to activate the panel.  Help!



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  • Hello Chuck,
    I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with adding in your new keychain remotes. 
    After entering the Programming mode, and the Auto-Learn or Learn Sensor mode, make sure you are pressing both Lock and Unlock buttons firmly. If you are still unable to send the signal from the keychain remote to the panel, your keyfob may be defective. 
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