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I have your system with several contact and motion sensors. Some of the motion sensors are configured to trip when motion is detected while others are not. My problem is as follows: I put the system in STAY mode at night. My control panel is located at a place which requires me to pass by a few of these motion sensors. A couple of these sensors are configured to trip when motion is detected in STAY mode while one is configured not to trip. As a result, before I am able to disable the STAY mode, the alarm goes off. I would like to configure some delay before the alarm is activated. Is that possible? What do I need to do?

-Shrikant Sathe
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  • Hello Sathe,

    Yes there is an option to place the motion on a delay. To set this up you would need to edit the sensor's group. On the IQ panel you go to Settings> Enter Installer Code (Default= 1111)> Installation> Security Sensors> Edit Sensor, you would then edit your motion so that the group is group 35. This ensures it has a delay on it that is the same length as the normal entry delay.


    I hope this is what you were looking for,



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