Touchpanels Not Communicating with Simon XT

I have had a Simon XT system for 5+ years.  I recently experienced a low system battery and replaced the battery (following the video instructions noted on this site).  Since replacing the battery, the two additional two way talking touchpanels that I have at each of the lower door entrances are no longer communicating with the Simon XT.  I have tried to resend the signal to the devices and it fails, I have tried to delete the devices and reenroll (which works temporarily but then fails).  Basically, the red screen comes up saying the touchpanel has lost communication with the Simon XT and is offline.  I have to reenroll for the touchpanels to work again. Is there another trick anyone has that may help me understand why the communication between my Simon XT and my touchpanels is no longer working?  I checked again to make sure nothing looked out of the ordinary inside the panel from the battery replacement.  Is there a sensor, antenna, etc. that I should check?  I have no idea what to do?



  • Hello Justin,

    This definitely is a peculiar issue. One of the things you might try, if you have not yet, is to delete them from the main panel; hold the reset button in the bottom left of the secondary touchscreen (power cycle); move the two closer together, around 6ft, and then re-add (make sure when adding to add as a valid Keypad group, 0,1,2,ect.). When re-adding they have to be closer together to properly pair. Also make sure you do not move either device until the 4 LED's on the Simon stop flashing, after this you can safely move it back to it's location.

    Please feel free to give us a call if this does not work 785-321-3103



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  • Thanks Connor - although I have tried this method already.  I did the reset button and repaired them with the main unit.  This was successful but they loose connection once again after a small period of time - even when I don't move them back to their original/permanent locations.  

    Any other thoughts on what may be going on?  I assume this has to be a main panel issue since I wouldn't expect two touchpanels to go back randomly at the same time.  

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