When waking in the morning and entering area covered by motion sensor, is there time to get to panel to enter master code before siren goes off?



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  • Hi John,


    Thank you for choosing Brinks home security. To answer your question, yes you can program your motion sensor to have a delay when it picks up motion. 


    However it is not recommended that you arm the motion sensor when you are at the house because the motion sensors act more as a secondary line of defense once the intruder is already inside of the house. You really want the alarm to set off right when the intruder breaks threw the perimeter. 


    But if you would like to arm your motion sensors while staying at the residence but don't want the motion sensor to set off the alarm right away when it picks you up then you have 2 options:


    1.) A key chain remote or a secondary control panel are available so you keep on in your bedroom to disarm the system before you exit your room. Or if you have the interactive services with your service plan (which you do) then you can arm/disarm your system on your smartphone before you exit your room.


    2.) You just need to change the programming group number from "17" to "20". When it picks up motion when it is in programming group number "20" it will give you an entry delay to disarm the control panel before the alarm goes off. This is not recommended because in an emergency situation you do not want there to be and entry delay before the alarm goes off if somebody is already in your house.


    I hope this helps explain your options with having your motion sensors armed while you are at the house but you don't want to set off false alarms.


    Let us know if there is any other way we can assist you.


    Kind regards!

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