How do I get installer functions on Simon XT?

Help! I'm currently a Brinks subscriber, so I think they delivered my Simon xt panel with the darn installer code off. I've just installed an external siren that is chirping with ever beep of the panel, so I need to get to the HW1 menu in the panel, but it is not even present under the system options menu. From what I can tell from the Simon manuals, the dealer code that works for other functions will not work for "high security" functions like the HW1 settings...thanks a lot Brinks!

Anyone know how to get around this? Looks like I'm going to have to disconnect the siren until I hear back from tech support, which historically for me has been about 48 hours if I'm working on a Saturday.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



  • I'm having the exact same problem.

    I just installed the system last night and spent a great deal of time trying determine how to mute the external siren (unless it is truly an alarm event). It's really loud and I sure don't want to wake everyone up every time I arm the system before I go to bed.

    After a bunch of reading I found out that I can't get into the HW1 options without the dealer code (I have the installer code and the master code)

    I need to be able to set HW1 to 5 and the dealer code looks to be the only way to make this happen.

    I haven't had my activation appointment yet so maybe this will be taken care of then.

    Brett Taplin

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  • Brett,

    Brinks tech support changed the code for me remotely to the proper setting and then sent me an email telling me so. This level of prompt tech support is quite nice (but a little spooky too how they can change your system remotely without you knowing about it). The person handling your activation appointment should be able to make this change for you over the phone as well, so you can just wait until then.

    I really wish they would supply all of the codes when the purchase is made since they must do that for the people that are just buying the system and not the service. I may ask for it yet, as I like to have as much control as possible over my home electronics.

    I know they say the external siren is not recommended, but I've heard several police officers say that the best thing you can get for your home security system, besides a loud dog,  is a very loud siren so as many of your neighbors as possible know there is a problem.



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  • Thanks Mark.

    Your feedback is very much appreciated. I understand what you mean, I like to have as much control as possible over my home electronics too. I'm going to talk to them about the 'dealer' code locking me out of certain functions. It would have been much easier to change a setting rather that disconnecting the siren temporarily. We'll see what they say.

    Thanks again,

    Brett Taplin

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