Anyone else have the Simon XT touchpad going offline?

I've been using a Simon XT system for several weeks now with no problems until last night when my remote touch pad decided to continuously go on and offline last night. The screen lights up and has an error message on it telling me that it is offline and to use the main panel to control the system. Very annoying too since the bright light ends up waking me up and not very secure for a remote operation from my bed room!





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  • Mark,

    There are a couple different things that could cause the touchpad to go ''offline''. When this happens it means that the touchpad and then main control panel have lost their connection and are no longer communicating. The most common causes of this are 1) Wireless interference 2) A range issue

    Wireless interference can be caused by having the panel or the sensor located near (within 12-15ft) any other wireless devices, common offenders are wireless routers, phones, game systems etc. Other items that can effect the connection are large pictures with a glass front or large mirrors on the wall between the touchpad and the main control panel. Touchpads are a little more sensitive then your common door/window/motion sensor and are more easily affected by their environment.

    The range of these sensors is also a major factor, if you keep the touchpads within 50ft of the main control panel then you should be ok. Outside of 50ft they will drop offline and loose connection with the main control panel.

    To fix these you might try relocating the touchpad closer to the main control panel, even just moving it a few inches in one direction can sometimes eliminate interference and allow the system to stay online. So try repositioning it, if that doesn't work then relocate it, after that if you are still experiencing trouble and you are a customer then you may need to give technical support a call.

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