Swapped a motion sensor and now my 4219 is not working...please help.

So I had a motion sensor as Zone 15 on the 4219 expansion board hooked into a Vista 20p.  I am no doing zone doubling.

 I took the old one down and put up a pet friendly motion sensor.  The new motion sensor is a DT-7435.  When I power on the system in about a minute it says check zone...(and it goes to check everything on the 4219 expander.  


Please help!




  • Hi Robert, 

    There are a few items to double check:

    1.) Do you have a 1K OHM resistor installed in series on that zone? The color code on the resistor is BROWN, BLACK, RED, GOLD

    2.) What terminals are you connected into on the DT-7435? What terminals on the panel? If you can, please upload a photo so we can double check it (and even mark it up if needed). 

    Thanks in advance.


    Edit -If it shows "Check" on ALL of your zones on that expansion module - Make sure the expansion module is correctly connected to 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the control panel and set for address 07 (via Dip Switches - See below) and the cover is on the unit (if Tamper jumper is enabled). 




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  • I attached a photo so you could see the resistors.  I took a picture of the terminals on the motion sensor.

    The tamper is disabled

    I checked the 4 screws on the panel.  they appear to be connected properly and everything is the same way it was before swapping out the motion.

    Thanks for the amazing help.  You guys are amazing!!




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  • Thanks for the pictures. Can you confirm that the motion is powered (do you see any LED on the motion)?

    If you take your 1K resistor and connect it to terminals10 and 11 (just the resistor) does the check 15 go away?

    Can you confirm the programming in *56 (specifically the "Input Type") on that zone. 



    Are the other devices on that expansion module working?

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  • I figured it out.  I had a 2k resistor on the 4219 expansion bridge.  Swapped it out with a 1k and everything is great.




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  • Hi Rob, 

    I am glad that its fixed.

    Just to recap for anyone with a similar error: 

    Anything connected to a hardwired expansion modules (4219 or 4229) MUST have a 1K Ohm Resistor (The color code is Brown, Black, Red, Gold)

    Any device connected to the panel MUST have a 2K Ohm Resistor (The color code is Red, Black, Red Gold).

    You only need 1 Resistor per Zone. 

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