Stay Mode - Sensor Tripped - Countdown before Alarm not instant

So, my system is currently configured so that if I am in stay or night stay mode and a sensor is tripped the alarm (siren) goes off. Is it possible to configure the system so that it acts like it does on away when I open the door.  Coutdown...then alarm if not disarmed in 60 seconds?






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  • Robert,


    To set the sensor so that it will only go off after a delay, you would need to program the sensor(s) so that the zone type is #1. This is your entry exit burglary #1. Any sensor that is programmed for this zone type will have the normal entry/exit delays. To do this:


    • Go to your Vista Panel and make sure that it is disarmed.
    • Enter 4112800 to enter programming. the screen will show 20 Installer Code. If it does not show this, and it only shows 20, then you do not have a programming keypad and cannot program the system, and so you should press *99 to exit.
    • If it does show Installer Code 20, then enter *56.
    • Press 1, and then enter the number of whatever Zone you wish to change the delay on; for example, for Zone 5, enter 05, and press the * key two times.
    • Enter the Zone type as a two digit number. To set the zone for a delay, enter 01, then press * six times and then press 0. 
    • Enter 0 two times, and then press #. Enter 20, and then wait for the chiming to stop. Once it does stop, enter *99 to exit programming.



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