Problems programing key Fobs on Vista 21 IP system

I have a vista 21ip system. When I progamed in my 5804 key fobs 2 programed in perfectly in zones 49-52, and 53-56. However when I tried to program in the other 2 key fobsin zones 57-60 and 61-64 it would not allow me to  program in loops 1,. 2 and 3. However it would accept loop 4. What is going on?



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  • Hi there,

    If it will not accept loops 1,2 and 3 , that means they are already programmed into the panel elsewhere. You may have to cycle though the zones to confirm that they are not in an other location within *56. Are you familiar with using *58? This may be the quickest way to find the zones that are the cause of this. 

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