How can I raise a MICRA-G sensor ?

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I am trying to install a MICRA-G sensor to a sliding door. 

After making the hole, and trying to put the magnet in place, I realized that there is a space of at least 1 inch between the sensor and the magnet when the door is close (see attached image), which will not work. I really love the non-intrusive look of the micra-g and would like to keep it. I just need to find a way to raise the magnet.


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  • Hi, 

    I do not see any way to modify the installation of the Micra-g sensor to work with the sliding door. I know you would like to keep all of the sensors hidden but I do not see a way to get around it on the sliding door. The best bet is to get our surface mount contact for your sliding door. I will attach a link to it below. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. 

    Click Here




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  • Actually, ION has a Super Strengh Magnet that can cover a gap up to 2". 

    You can find it online under the reference ION-WG-125.

    I am hoping Brinks will carry it soon. 

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  • Frank,

    Awesome feed back, we don't currently carry that but I will pass this along and see if its something we can start.

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