I am replacing a Brinks 4000a with a Concord 4.  When looking at the panel of the Brinks, it shows two wires going into 16.5 AC connection with a ground wire.  In looking at the Concord 4, it states that I need to use the transformer that came with the product that you plug into the wall.  My issue is that I do not have an AC plug anywhere around.  Can I rewire what was on the Brinks to the Concord from a power perspective.  Please help.



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  • Will,

    Hi, great question. Using the existing wire from the Brinks panel should be just fine, most panels use anywhere from 18-22 gauge wire for their AC power supply.  The important thing is the transformer, the existing Brinks panel may have a different sized transformer feeding it then what the Concord 4 would use. It sounds like they ran the AC power to a different room/location when they installed the panel, it may be hidden in the wall behind the main control panel.  We have also seen the power run down the wall to an out let in the basement below the alarm panel. Here is a link to what the transformer is going to look like, the color might vary slightly but the size and shape will be the same.

    The key here is, the existing wire is ok to use if you can locate where it actually plugs into an outlet. The transformer more then likely needs to be replaced though. You can buy extra wire so that you can run the wire to the closest outlet and plug the alarm system in.

    I hope this helps you out, let us know if you need anything else!

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