How do I troubleshoot Zwave Manfunction problems.

 I have two of the Kwikset locks. The first is located about 10 feet from the XT console with the signoal passing through through a bathroom. The second Is on the terrace level but is probably only 10-15 feet from the Simon XT. 

The only error I get is "Malfunction" on the second lock. Occasionally it will work and send a signal, and behave for a bit. Lokcing fucntions seem to all behave normally otherwise. 


How to you get more detailed information on the nature of the Malfunction problem. 



  • Hi,

    This is what I would try to clear the malfunction.

    1. Delete the Z-wave device that shows malfunction from you panel
    2. Wait five minutes
    3. Then take the Simon XT to within 6 feet of the lock and add it back in.
    4. Once you do this you will need to wait for 30 minutes and then try to lock and unlock it remotely. 
    5. This should clear the malfunction.
    6. Here is the link for adding and removing Z-wave devices.
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  • I have 5 ZWave lights set up and one of them keeps malfunctioning. I delete and re-add. It works for a day or two and then malfunctions again. How do I solve this?
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  • Hello Ian,

    Here are a couple of questions that will help figure out what is making it malfunction.

    • Is it the same light module that keeps malfunctioning?
    • If it is are there any other wireless devices or appliances near the module? (wireless phone, router, refrigerator...)
    • Is it more than 20 feet from the main control panel?

    If there is nothing near them that could be interfering with the signal and it is within range of the panel I would try plugging it in near one that is working. If it continues to malfunction then it is most likely a defective module and will need to be replaced. 

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