How do I resync a SimonXT with a 45601 controller.

I removed all of my Z-wave devices from the SimonXt, then I added a 45601 controller ago the SimonXT. After that I added each of my Z-wave devices (lights and lock). And setup some of the lights with rules to turn the lights on and off. This worked for a while but then the lights a showing "malfunction" on the web-site and are no longer turning on and off through the schedule but I can turn the lights on and off using the 45601. Is there a way to force the SimonXT to get the device info from the 45601 so it will allow me to set schedules for the lights? The lock seems to be working as you can enter the code and the alarm alarm will change to disarmed. It's not clear what I have to do to get this working.



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  • A malfunction in this case is a general trouble condition. There are several things that could be a factor in causing these malfunctions. If the lights are going into malfunction it could be a range issue and additional repeaters (lamp modules, appliance modules are repeaters) may need to be added to avoid malfunctions. It also could be an interference issue. Do you have baby monitors, cordless phones, or any other devices operating on the 900mHz wavelength that could be causing interference? If you do that could be causing the malfunction. Also did you learn the modules in using the panel or the controller? Please let us know what you find out.

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