When will Tuxedo Weather Display Function be Restored

I have two Tuxedo Touch units installed this past March.  Both are hard wired via Ethernet to my router and both worked flawlessly for about four months.   Then I started noticing on both units the weather display function was erratic working sometimes and others showing “connection error” in the display.  The other internet functions work ok.  After two weeks of erratic operation, the weather function stopped working entirely.  I contacted tech support and was told that Honeywell is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.  So I waited. It’s now been 45 days since the weather function ceased working and Honeywell will not provide a date when they expect to have the problem resolved.  I was told the problem is with Honeywell and there is nothing I can do.  Now my tech support has gone silent on the issue.  When when Honeywell restore the weather display function or provide a date we can count on?



  • Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for the inquiry.  Actually, the solution to the issue is coming soon.  Honeywell is sending out a firmware update within the next 2 weeks through Total Connect.  Honeywell informed us that their vendor is no longer supporting the API for their weather feature.  They are currently working with another vendor to implement a solution as soon as possible.  The weather feature's format will not change on the customer's end, but will remain the same.  Again, the release date for the update is mid to late October.  We apologize for the delay and the inconvenience, but will have the issue resolved as soon as possible.


    Greg Hamilton.

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  • The weather display feature on my two Tuxedo Touch panels has stopped working again.  For several weeks it appeared to be operating but the displayed temperature for my ZIP code was substantially inaccurate.  The logo next to the weather display says “weather forecast provided by Accuweather"; however the information displayed does not agree with www.accuweather .com for the same ZIP code.  The display would change throughout the day and as if it was updating (but still inaccurate). But as of February 22, 2013 the display is blank with a message reading “connection error”. The Tuxedo Touch has a valid IP address and I can log into it from a web browser and control all functions from the browser.   I can also Ping the Tuxedo Touch from a remote computer and receive correct Ping results.  The IP setup is configured for DHCP address assignment from the router and once an address is assigned after boot up the IP screen shows a valid IP address operating on Port 6280.

    I have reset the Tuxedo Touch and my Router several times but the results are always the same.  The Tuxedo Touch boots up and operates correctly in all functions except the weather feature.  The firmware is version 4.1.16R dated 10/17/12. 

    I have also changed the ZIP code and City Name in setup to several other known places, but the Tuxedo Touch is always in a “connecting mode”.  My router reports that the Tuxedo Touch is attempting to access IP address 

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