Connecting TG-1 Express to panel

I viewed the excellent and very well done video about how to connect a TG-1 Express to a panel, but my TG-1 Express installation is a little different.  I am using the SLIC with a RJ45 jack on the TG-1 end and spaded connections on the panel end for both phone connection and power connection.  Connecting the phone line is no problem, as the "R" and "T" terminals are clearly marked on the panel for the red and green leads.  To which terminals should I connect the power wires?  The TG-1 Express installation manual just says to "connect the orange and blue leads to the GND and PWR terminals of the alarm panel respectively". Well, my panel doesn't have any terminals simply labeled GND and PWR.  Should I connect to the same terminals that provide power to the keypad (COM AUX PWR - and POS AUX PWD +)? Or to some other set of terminals?  Or should I connect directly to the battery as shown in the video?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated! 



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  • Hi Wesley,


    The answer to your question can be found here: 

    Click Here

    Let us know if you need anything else!

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