Check zone comes on when trying to mount 5890 pi wirless motion detector
The 5800 pi wirless works in test mode and when I open cover and trip the tamper to mount in its final location it goes into check zone 09 the zone it's programmed to and stays that way . What am I doing wrong this is pared with a vista 20 panel I purchased from you. The other zone 10 with a door transmitter works fine. Why won't it allow me to open the cover to mount without going in to check zone mode? Do I have to start with a different zone. The loop is set to loop 1 and the system recognizes the rf and obtained the serial number I'm lost. Thanks


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  • Hello George,

    From what you have described it looks like the sensor is behaving properly. When you take the cover off the sensor that releases the tamper switch which is causing the "Check Zone 09". The tamper will clear as long as the cover is reinstalled properly after you mount it. If it does not clear the next thing you need to check is to make sure the tamper spring is still inside the sensor. Please let us know if you still have trouble with the sensor after you finish mounting it.


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