Control Light/Outlet/Relay when Alarm in Stay/Away Mode

Currently when I set my alarm i do so with a key fob or from my phone upstairs, at the top of the stairs we put an orange belt to remind us to turn the alarm off before going down the stairs.  I was looking for a way to turn an light, outlet, or relay on when the alarm is in stay or away mode.  I was going to install a red LED strip under the lip of the top stair pointing down to illuminate the first stair red....when the alarm is set the lights turn on, when the alarm is turned off the lights go off. If anyone has any insight on how to do this it would be most appreciated! Obviously the belt is the cheaper solution but i thought this would be a cool install if i could do it for cheap somehow.



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  • Hello Brian,


    This could be achieved by setting up a "Z Wave" lamp/appliance module with your system:

    "Click Here"

    With the correct service level (our "Total Home" monitoring package, which is currently $34.95/mo) you can set up a remote rule which tells the appliance module to turn on,when the system is armed for stay (or even just away), then back off when the system is disarmed.




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