IQ Panel - Key fob and pin pad will not disarm the system

I an IQ panel, two key fobs and a pin pad. The key fobs and pin pad will arm the system in stay or away mode. They will not, however, disarm the system. I have deleted and re-added them to the panel and performed successful sensor tests.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Without the ability to disarm the system, the key fobs are pretty useless.



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    I am sorry to hear about your problem with the key chains. In order for you key chains to disarm the panel you would have to press the UNLOCK button once. As for the key pad you would simply type in you'r master pass code.  You would have to press the buttons firmly to acknowledge you'r request. Also just to make sure disable the security and arming in the installation menu to insure you'r key chain/pad are enabled. I hope this comment will help you, if you need further assistants please give us a call at our technical department at (785)-321-3103. 

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  • In case anyone else has this issue, I have found that one needs to press the key fob button for about 1 second - a quick "hit" of the button will not do it.  On my fobs, there is a little red light that indicates transmission (I think).  If I hold it long enough for the light to flash (about 1 second) it most always seems to work.

    A second issue is that, if you are outside, be sure you are close enough to where the panel is on the inside - with the least amount of obstructions possible.  Trying to signal through a metal garage door, for example, likely won't work.

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