Linear GD00Z, Simon XTi, and Liftmaser Smart Security + Garage Door Opener

Has anyone successfully installed a Linear GD00Z in conjunction with the Simon XTi and a Liftmaster Smart Security + garage door opener?  I can get the GD00Z "learned" into the Simon XTi but it does not respond to any commands.  No beeps/flashes coming from the unit when a command is sent through app/site. Everything I have found states all three units are compatible but even if the GD00Z wasn't compatible with the garage door opener, it would still seem it should give some indication of receiving commands from the Simon XTi.  I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance. 



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    Hello Trent,

    Thank you for your question. There are two things that could be happening. 

    First, the z-wave garage door controller could be out of range. Z-wave has a reliable range of about 15 feet from the nearest z-wave device. This is a good rule of thumb, but it various factors can reduce or increase this range. You can determine if this is the issue by relocating the panel to within about 10 feet, and testing the garage door controller from the app. If range is the issue, the panel can be permanently relocated, the z-wave device can be moved closer to the panel, or a z-wave repeating device can be installed in between the panel and the garage door controller.    

    Second, the linear garage door opener is compatible with, but the Simon XTi panel can only control lights, locks, and thermostats that are supported by You will be able to control the device from the website and the app, but unfortunately you won't be able to open/close from the panel itself. This is simply a limitation of the Simon panels. 

    Please let us know if you have any questions. 


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  • Thanks for responding to my post.  The panel is less that 10 feet from the GD00Z.  My XTi recognizes the GD00Z as a Lock, which seems odd to me, but my account does show it as a garage door opener.  When I try to do anything from the app, there is no response from the device.  

    I was told by another alarm company the panel needed to be module 183a or higher in order for everything to work.  

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  • Mine works....but I did upgrade the Simon XTi panel previously...both cell and zwave modules.

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