I had my phone in my purse, rung my doorbell...my doorbell rung I know this bc I heard it. I walked upstairs then 3 mins or so later...my doorbell alert rung on my phone. I answered and no one is there bc I already left. My alert always ring at least 5-8 mins after the actual doorbell has rung. This always happens...why? I updated the app. My phone has good storage space. I don't have data issues..why do I need my doorbell alert if it alerts me 10 mins after the fact. Help please



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  • Hi Jacqueline,

    It sounds like you've done your due diligence in eliminating some of the common reasons for delays. I would recommend speaking with a technical agent and inquiring about your signal strength and registration time in Alarm.com. If your signal strength is reporting low and your registration time is showing high - that could cause delays.  

    You can actually text our Digital team at 469.513.8685 for technical support.  



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